Esports Gamer at The Kiev Major: “There is more esports in my life”: an interview with Roman Dvoryankin

Dear friends, an hour ago our guys have advanced from the group stage. Now I’m standing with Roman Dvoryankin—our General Manager. I’m sure you’re in a good mood, Roman. Right?

A similar situation occurred in Boston. And, as it turned out, there were not so many reasons for a good mood then. The guys played well but they could do better. So we’re waiting for the drawing, waiting for the fate’s decision and the decision of the fate rulers—Valve.

We’ll see. Not only our Dota but also League of Legends roster demonstrates decent results. By, the way, they must be in Brazil today, if I’m not mistaken. What are your hopes and expectations? The guys have arrived.

They had a long night flight through Paris. So yeah, they arrived recently. They’re getting prepared.

Their group is quite advanceable. But the guys have never experienced anything like this. None of them have attended similar tournaments before. It’s Brazil, San Paulo, favelas, and dangerous entertainment—so we’ll see how guys are going to deal with the pressure of the southern hemisphere.

Joking apart, I think we’re capable of advancing to the playoff. But everything depends on how guys will perform. I want to remark that it’s one of those rare cases when… If someone doesn’t know that: we have former football players in our LoL roster. When we signed Russian football players, and they didn’t let us down.

It’s important. Yes, the casino games singapore players didn’t let us down. In fact, they’re going to have a chance on July 10 in Cologne with such famous masters of cleats and ball as Snax, pashaBiceps, FalleN and his Brazilian team… Oh, sorry, it’s windy! Yes, yes. On July 10 with the captain Solo and the team captain pashaBiceps, our Ivan Tipukhov will be able to show if he’s a worthy successor of Andriy Shevchenko. And a worthy member of different weight categories with Snax.

Yes, yes. They are like an elephant and a pug. So we’ve eventually switched to Counter-Strike. The next Major will take place in Krakow— Snax’s hometown. What are we to expect? It’s going to be better than now.

Okay! Which is not that difficult. Joking apart, the guys are going through a complicated but predictable, planned stage.

Their in-game leader has changed. That’s why we are purposefully getting ready for Krakow. We know how preparations should be organized.

I will reveal a small secret: an additional tactics expert has started working with the guys. He helps kuben and Snax. We’ll see the results. But it’s not NEO’s dad, right? No, no. NEO’s dad works for another team.

Alright. Apart from other changes, there are other things happening in the company partnerwise. You have recently signed contracts with Mr. Cat and, if I’m not mistaken, with MediaMarkt.

Entire Moscow went crazy when biceps arrived. What is happening? It is a natural process when large advertisers enter esports. And we have some replacements, which you can notice by our gear.

There are fewer logos of such typical sponsors that mostly produce computer equipment or provide services. They’re getting replaced by the classic club of large advertisers who see esports as a medium of communication with the audience. I’m really glad that we signed up a contract with MediaMarkt. pasha was at the video shoot in Moscow recently. Mr. Cat is a large Chinese company. They host tournaments, have a website about esports—similar to our

It’s a chance for them to enter the international arena and make a name. Thousands of people have asked me what Mr. Cat is and if it is that café in Kiev near Palace “Ukraine” that esports athletes used to visit a lot to have some tea. Okay. Let’s hope it’s going to be a productive and successful partnership. We’d like it to happen! We love our partners and do our best to make them feel as good as we do.

Mr. Cat! Mr. Cat! Roman, VP has been an active participant of the WESA recently. What do we need it for?

Money. Jokes apart, besides money (last time I checked, prize earnings were a thing). In fact, it is an important mean of making changes in esports, which seem unusual to me in a good way. We have a special work group along with the player group. We make a lot of suggestions related to the better doping control, controls on players using additional devices.

For example, special devices that increase the click speed of a keyboard or let players do something else. It’s systematic work. I’m sure that thanks to WESA we’ll be able to develop and make esports more transparent. Roman, I will return to the topic of football. SK Gaming Managing Director wants to participate in the SK Gaming– match. Did you want to take part in this whole thing, too?

I genuinely hope that Alex Müller will play against the Brazilians and help us although he’s a part of their team. Honestly, I spent most of my childhood swimming, so I’m not really good at football. But it’s amazing that Alex is in such a good shape.

He’s the main teaser of their team. So we’ll see what he’s capable of. By the way, there is a fly on you. As for esports not football players… If you had an opportunity to join one of the rosters as a player, which one would you choose?

You know, when I just joined the organization, and the wife of the Counter-Strike roster manager, Jakub, gave birth to his daughter, I really enjoyed fussing around the Poles in New York. It was really fun. They have a specific way to troll. Sometimes pasha turned to me and said: “Get me a cold Redbull fast!” And you get him a cold Redbull and return. In fact, it was really fun and pleasing, so I’d work with them like that again. I understand you.

I fuss around Solo though. So, I started talking about the group stage, our great results. Please, tell us what the practice was like.

What did the organization do to achieve such results? How important was it? It was really important. It was important not to disturb guys, to let them gather themselves together. After the qualifiers for the Major, they went home and had a break from each other.

At the start of April they reunited refreshed, played on their own first, and then Ivan Antonov joined them to polish up some things. The guys have a clear insight of what to play and when. I’m not going to hide—I think Ilya has already mentioned it—that the group stage games were like… They just came to play and win but not to demonstrate anything. So we’re going to see some strategies in the playoff.

By the way, if someone asked why we didn’t film the boot camp—we didn’t want to distract them. Yes, despite some players willing… “Let’s show the swimming pool to Masha. We want to go the whirlpool.” Yes, of course. Lil called me.

But no. Nothing should distract the guys. After Kiev they can have some fun. With RAMZES.

Yes, he’s already 18. Yes, he can do that now. Roman I have a question about two similar games. I don’t get why the LoL community and players are really different to the Dota ones. Of course, we could mention toxicity and other things. But what do you think why it happens?

Is there anything you can do about it? Can you balance it out in some way? Since we’re at a Major on Dota, I’ll reply in the way that the Dota community does.

Dota is a more difficult game. Doubtlessly. Moreover, Dota players think that LoL is a casual game. So there is an excuse for Dota players: the game is more difficult, and they simply have no time for this media stuff. On the other hand, we can see the examples of Ilya, Roman—Resolut1on, and many other players who have enough time for it. I think it depends on the game developer.

Riot Games have done massive work to help the players develop their media skills. Well done, Riot Games! Yes. Riot Games put a lot of effort into teaching players, showing them how to do it. Sooner or later the industry will adopt this idea.

If the game developer doesn’t do it, then ELEAGUE and Epicenter will. . There is more and more demand for it.

Players can’t resist it anymore. I think the situation is going to change. Yeah!

And my dream will come true. Roman what has changed in your life since you entered esports? What new things have appeared? There is more esports in my life.

I have less spare time, and there are much more stamps in my passport now. I think there is another thing. Now you can share a common language with schoolers. Yes, it happens at the food court sometimes. I stood in a line to Kroshka Kartoshka recently.

Sorry, for product placement. And some guys approached me and asked: “Are you from VP? Do you know pashaBiceps?” — “Yes, let’s go to MediaMarkt. He’s there, nearby.” — “Really?” We headed there and the guy saw him and became really happy. He probably called you “my friend”.

Yes, yes. Such moments make you happy. What has changed in your life apart from a bearded man in half a year?

Is there more music by Serebro or… There are… Let me count… Five, five—fifteen new wonderful men have appeared in my life. Not including you, kuben, and others. And night walks in Atlanta. Yes, night walks and trips in Atlanta with pashaBiceps. So I have more bros in my life now.

And passport stamps! There will be more passport stamps. In another passport though. Yes, really soon I’ll have one in another passport. So my life has changed for the better.

I’ve learned to block people on social media, but everything else is fine. I hope our current trip trip will take our love to the organization and our Dota roster to the next level. We’re waiting for results of the upcoming games.

Waiting and getting ready for the playoff. And we recommend you to do the same, guys! Support our team! Go, go, VP!