Mythological Video Games

Beholder In a world where privacy is compromised and the government controls your way of life, you have no choice but to turn a blind eye. Or not. In this dystopian setting, play as a government-installed landlord and spy on your tenants and find out about their lives. Eavesdrop conversations and ensure the state is kept happy. Offering a cartoony yet eerie look at life under a totalitarian state, Beholder pushes to create hard moral decisions. Watch its beautifully written story unfold, and discover each of their multiple endings. It has a PlayScore of 8.78. 9. Banner Saga Following its kickstarter success, Banner Saga artfully executes turn-based mechanics, carefully fusing it with the element of choice. In its perpetually melancholic world, you have to decide the fate of your people in a captivating story of survival, inspired by Nordic mythology.

Explore its beautifully animated and breathtaking 2D landscapes, along with your caravan of viking families. Every choice you make leads to tangible outcomes in the overarching narrative. Carefully choose your battles, strategize well, or risk the death of a beloved character. And in this god-forsaken land, every death is permanent. A deeply poignant and gorgeous adventure, it has a PlayScore of 8.86. 8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Konami revives the magic of your childhood with this digital adaptation of the popular manga and anime. Duel Links will let you immerse in the world of the trading card game. It puts you right back in the shoes of Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba as they set on to take the duelling world by storm. Breathing new life to a certified classic, watch your favorite anime characters and legendary monsters stand tall with eye-popping enhanced visuals. Begin your journey to the top by purchasing cards, organizing your decks, and going toe to toe with talented duellers from around the world. With original voice-overs, in-depth duels, and redesigned controls for the mobile, it receives a PlayScore of 8.93.

Antihero – Digital Board Game A turn-based strategy indie developer Tim Conkling. Travel back to the gaslit streets of the Victorian era and become the leader of the city’s up and coming thieves guild. It’s gameplay mixes elements from the macro-focused 4X genre and the character-centric RPG. Lurk in the shadows and pave your way to become master thief with deeds that range from small-time pickpocketing to overthrowing the bourgeoisie. Protect the city in the story campaign mode, or test your lightfingeredness against players around the globe. Proving that good things can come in small packages, Antihero brings all the things we love about board games into one pocket-friendly title. It has a PlayScore of 8.98. 6. Through the Ages From one of boardgame’s most beloved names comes the title that skyrocketed him to fame. Now with a digital release, you’ll be able to play this Vlaada Chvatil classic whenever and with whoever. A lot like Sid Meier’s civilizations, Through the Ages lets you play god and ruler to a humble tribe at the dawn of humanity.